RECAP: Cataclysm, Part 4

Lazerhawk is left hanging from his newly metal-covered arm by the magnetic plate embedded in the wall of the main building. Yardak throws his water down to form an ice slide to run along and bash his way into Burt McEntire a.k.a. Apocalypse Man. This sent the two, along with Ruby Lawson a.k.a. Vizual Aid who the villain was holding onto, to the ground with Yardak on top of Burt. In retaliation Burt slams his helmet-covered head into Yardak’s and then grabs him by the shoulders, pulling him off and slamming him into Vizual. After a well-placed Razzle Dazzle from Vizual, Lazerhawk sends a Solar Shotgun blast into Apocalypse Man’s back. Lazerhawk then separates himself from the magnet with a Pulsar Pogos, landing on the ground.

Apocalypse Man then retreats into the building. Following him inside the gang finds only darkness and the door slams shut behind them. Feeling something rising out of the floor, Ruby lets loose a blast of light to see what they’re working with. Unfortunately, what they see is walls of mirrors surrounding them and cutting them off from each other. With the small mercy of the lights turning back on; Yardak and Ruby start trying to find their way out of the maze, meanwhile Lazerhawk starts kicking mirrors in. Burt comes over the loudspeaker telling them to have fun trying to find their way out.

Fight against fear

With a mysterious smell wafting through the air, Yardak is assaulted with visions of letting down his mother, the Atlantean king Yarkalan, and his love interest Yaradamo. Ruby experiences her own visions of her identity being revealed and Bethany leaving. Lazerhawk deals with the worst and hears the voice of his dead fiancé, Anthony, and sees his ex-wife and son. Doubling down, he receives another vision of Yardak, Ruby, Austin, and many others that he has worked with over the years dead around him. After having another vision of Yaradamo dead, Yardak takes off towards the sound of a yell from Lazerhawk.

The trio finally find each other, and that’s when Apocalypse Man retracts all the mirrors and they’re in a big empty room. They head up a staircase in chase and come across 10 armed lackeys of Burt’s. In a shocking twist of good luck, the entire group of men turn tail and run from the heroes. Just like any other villain cornered, Apocalypse Man escapes via a jetpack and makes his way toward the city.

Chasing the Mad Prepper

Realizing their enemy means to attack their friend’s hiding at the docks, Lazerhawk takes off with a Pulsar Pogo in chase after Burt. This leaves Ruby, Yardak, and now-freed Shawna Ortega to make their own way to the city. Lazerhawk’s pursuit of Apocalypse Man isn’t exactly smooth and he is lobbing grenades and flares behind him at Lazerhawk. After stealing one of the militants Jeep’s to get out of the compound, the less mobile group hops in Ruby’s van and takes off at breakneck speed across town. The two groups bob and weave through town. Yardak takes time to heal Shawna’s wounds from her earlier capture. The Atlantean also calls ahead to Zoey Shepard to warn her that Apocalypse Man is on his way to finish off Ruth Day and Mo Hasan.

Lazerhawk is finally able to get Burt in a bear hug outside the Lazerhut as Ruby careens her van into the duo. Lazerhawk dodges out of the way in time, and while Burt tries to do the same, he does end up jumping and hitting the windshield. In a fit of rage, Ruby jumps out of the van with her sword raised and starts in on Apocalypse Man telling him to submit. In a last-ditch effort, Burt presses a button and they’re all plunged into darkness.

A Last Stand

Using the environment to his advantage, Burt delivers hidden blows to Lazerhawk. Ruby then uses her power to try and convince him that he’s surrounded by the police. Lazerhawk Pulsar Pogos out of the darkness, crashing through a skylight into the LazerHut. Catching Burt right as he enters the building, Lazerhawk sends a Megasonic Missile right at him. This sends the villain back out of the window into the street, simultaneously disabling his darkness generator. Ruby ties Burt up and goes to check on their friends as Yardak gives Lazerhawk a heal. Now that all the danger is gone, U.N.I.O.N. Agent Alan Rickard pulls up on his motorcycle. Rickard takes Apocalpse Man into custody, putting him into Echo Base Sublevel-4 with the other villains.