RECAP: On the Stand, Part 2

The episode begins with US Attorney Douglas Pennington III questioning Yardak in court; getting his version of the events that happened during the Siege of Echo Base. Yardak demonstrates a lot of growth from his antagonist beginning days in Riverside City. Agent Kevin Lewis does what he can to assist on the side of UNION as he cross-examines Yardak.

After wrapping up for the day in court, the gang, plus Yarkalen, head to Moby Dick’s for food and some drinks. The group, joined by Ruby Lawson’s roommate Bethany Fletcher, catches up on what’s been happening in each other’s lives. While there, they see coverage of the trial on the TVs behind the bar. Deciding a change of pace is necessary after that they head to Club 808 to dance while Brock Bollea goes to spend some time with his son Carl.

The two bond as Carl tells his dad about his exploits in the robotics club and his adjustments to living in Riverside and making friends. While they’re having their heartwarming moment; Rickard meets up with everyone at the club.

The vibe might have been light and fun, but Yardak spots a couple shady looking individuals across the club. So Yardak moseys on up to these two guys, and they immediately have an issue with him coming up to them and start a fight by suckerpunching Yardak in the jaw. One of the miscreants sticks a gun to Rickard’s head. Everyone in the bar takes a massive step as the one bleeds black ooze from the eyes and grows a few inches taller. Ruby uses her powers to trap the gun in a well-placed box. 

With his patience finally tested enough, Yarkalen steps into the chaos with a dramatic flair. The Atlantan prince uses his water powers to bend the blood of the man with the gun, a taboo in underwater society. This action nearly kills the man. Seeing this brutality, the other man runs for his life out of the club. Yarkalen seems to take a swan dive off the deep end as he takes off after the fleeing man. After subduing both the fleeing man and Yarkalen, Ruby is suitably frazzled.

The one light in the darkness that anyone has experienced today is the father-son bonding that Brock and Carl. While the rest of the gang had to face friends and foes, the two Bolleas were bonding, talking book reports, and stuffing their faces with pizza.