Meet the Channel 7 News Crew!

Written by Antonio Juaez, Channel 7 Social Media Producer

It’s a slow news day here at Channel 7 this chilly Thanksgiving day. While the chaos of Riverside is at a minimum, I’d like to take this chance to report on something I’m thankful for on this day. My fellow cast and crew. They’re the best and it’s time they get some of the spotlight.

Certainly the most well known face of the Channel 7 News here in Riverside is our fan favorite intrepid reporter Shawna Ortega. We love the 27-year-old reporter and all she does. Seriously! She’s out here putting herself on the frontlines to bring the good citizens of Riverside all the important news. She can’t do it without her crew and the rest of the hard working team at Channel 7.

Her crew consists of her cameraman Kenny Hammond, and in-van controlwoman Casandra Becker. Kenny Hammond is a seasoned Channel 7 crewman, and has been with the station for 11 of his 32 years of life and we couldn’t be prouder to have him. The legwork, literally and metaphorically, he has put into this station helped us build the reputation we now have for superb news coverage. 

Comparatively; one of our newer hires, 21-year-old Cassandra Becker, has just joined our team in the past year. She’s definitely proving though she might be new, you should never underestimate her. The magic she works in that van is quickly becoming the stuff of legend.

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Ned Rudolph, lovingly known as “Butch” to his friends and all of us here at Channel 7, has been with the station for 6 years as an Executive Producer. Butch and Shawna actually came on board at the same time! While we have Shawna out on the mean streets of Riverside; Butch runs things in the studio, teaming up together to bring you the hard hitting news you’ve come to expect out of us. 

The talented Corinna Clemmons, 43, is a producer whose name commands respect as her knowledge of the inner workings of Channel 7 keep this building alive. When you think “tight ship” you think “Corinna Clemmons”.

Corinna’s right hand man and assistant, Julien Schmidt (25) is the one who keeps the inner workings of all of our employees together. Julien’s interpersonal skills allow him to weave between the other members of the station and bring cohesion to all of our projects.

These men and women work tirelessly to create and distribute our award winning material to each and every one of your homes and we couldn’t be prouder. From in front of the camera, to behind a desk, to behind a camera, we wouldn’t be anything without them. Catch them every night on Channel 7 for your daily dose of Riverside. We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Stay thankful.

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