• Space cadet logo, ship, and charactersSpace cadet logo, ship, and characters

    Ruby Lawson’s Space Cadet crash course

    Ruby Lawson is always talking about Space Cadet, so she wrote this to let people know what's so cool about it.

  • Iceman is gay, that’s pretty cool

    Iceman's coming out was somewhat controversial at the time, but it was a major push for LGBT representation in comic books.

  • Deadpool - Pansexual Mutant MercenaryDeadpool - Pansexual Mutant Mercenary

    Not-So-Hetero Heroes

    A growing number of comic book heroes and villains are part of the LGBT community. Some fans are happy to see aspects of themselves reflected in this change.

  • Welcome to the Mayhemcast

    This is such an exciting time. We’ve been working on this show for the better part of the past year. From learning game mechanics, to developing characters, playing, recording, editing… […]