The Sisterhood of Bram

The Sisterhood of Bram was a coven that formed shortly after Atlantis sank to the ocean floor. They were among the first to discover how to harness the magical energy fueling them. While keeping some of the more powerful magics a secret, they taught Atlanteans how to thrive in their new environment with water control.

The Sisterhood had its share of conflicts over time. Within its own ranks, there was a divide on the deity or myth status of Atyarulan. The growing popularity of the Prime Church of the Tidal Wave made them near rivals. The Church saw the Sisterhood as interlopers who manipulated the monarchy. Meanwhile the Sisterhood saw the Church as a secular celebration of Atlantis after the fall as opposed to a spiritual body.

The first generation of the Sisterhood were a sect of four: Porat, Pella, Brak, and Tempar. Along with spreading the power of water control, they acted as a spiritual guide to the people. They helped people adjust to this new life and provided guidance. This allowed them to create peace between what had before been competing clans. It was the second king of Atlantis, Bram, who sought them as personal advisors. This led to a tradition of the leader of the Sisterhood, the High Sister, being part of the monarch’s closest council.

The membership flowed along Atlantean culture. This led to them adopting the prefixes of Ula for their names as decreed by the third king, Yarklo. The Sisterhood had intense debates, with many worried this would discourage those who did not fit within a specific gender.

The Sisterhood’s greatest calling is to bring resources to those most in need. They also connected Atlantis with various water-based societies across the globe. The groups at the north and south polar regions separated early on in Atlantis’ history. The Sisterhood’s involvement has led to the groups traveling freely between each other.

The Sisterhood believes that Atlanteans should thrive together. This includes wanting all to feel more connected to the ocean that they call home. They were also supporters of King Yarkaven’s decision to reconnect with the surface. 

The Sisterhood’s culture is a mystery to the wider Atlantean society. Many know that they spend their days meditating and practicing magical techniques. Growth requires that a sister nominate and make a case for a new member to join. This then requires all existing members to vote unanimously to bring them in. Along with this, every ten years, they vote on their leader known as the High Sister. The High Sister then brings the concerns of the Sisterhood to the royalty directly.

Ulabrin marks the longest serving High Sister of the group. She took on the position at the young age of 60 and has been holding it for almost 440 years. This was a testament to her skill as a sorceress, her ability to connect with the membership, and her own political acumen to position herself within the royal court. Some of her rivals believe her precognition is what lets her stay ahead of anything that may bring a seachange.

For all their mystery, the Sisterhood is publicly revered for their kindness and helpfulness. This is most notable on Brams Day, a celebration of Atlantis’ second king. On that day they take to the streets, swap from their gray robes to bright red ones, dancing through the kingdom in parades. This help reminds Atlanteans once again of their shared cause.