Tag: Mayhemcast

  • Redacted Rangers – Operation: Jubilee

    When madness takes over a theme park, the government sends in expendable assets from Big Iron Prison to evacuate a VIP.

  • Redacted Rangers – Operation: Introduction

    A team made up of villains and anti-heroes from across the Mayhemverse are conscripted into a high stakes mission. In session zero were introduced to their characters and backgrounds and the general setting of this mini-series!

  • Retcon Report – Season 2

    We looks back over the entirety of Season 2 from Chapter 41 (An Old Familiar Sting) all the way to Chapter 71 (The Great Enveloping Cosmic Dark).

  • Ch. 71 – The Great Enveloping Cosmic Dark

    The stakes are high in this jam packed season finale! Ruby connects with someone for answers long sought. Yardak continues building bridges between Atlantis and the surface. Brock protects his family.

  • Stream: The Sky High Gambit

    A group of intergalactic bounty hunters are hired to capture a high ranking space gangster in a casino aboard the Kuiper City-Station. Players old and new will go where no one in the Mayhemverse has gone before. In space no on can hear you space.

  • Ch. 70 – What Lies Beneath, Part 3

    The team ventures back into the void. Lazerhawk makes a discovery. Vizual Aid shows mercy. Yardak uncovers how deep things really run.

  • Ch. 69 – What Lies Beneath, Part 2

    The team works to uncover the mysteries of the Beachline Neighborhood. Lazerhawk digs into research. Ruby and Yardak pay a trip to a most unexpected source.

  • Ch. 68 – What Lies Beneath

    The gang deals with a resurgence of an old threat. Lewis then gives them a mission that quickly goes off the rails.

  • Stream: Blast from the Past

    The 80s. A decade drenched in nefarious neon. Join our three heroes on this retro romp in a previously unexplored timeframe of the Mayhemverse!

  • Ch. 67 – The Clash Club, Part 3

    It's the rumble of the century and our heroes are right in the middle. Yardak and Ruby keeps up appearances. Hyperact puts her cover on the line. Lazerhawk finally finishes his mission.