RC (the gamemaster) has been developing the world of Masks and Mayhem for for over a decade. Besides this he is a freelance journalist and editor who loves tech, self-improvement, and the macabre.  He has an associate degree in communications and a bachelor’s degree in digital journalism.

RC is on Twitter: @rcbeiler

Rachel (who plays Ruby Lawson aka Vizual Aid) has always been a nerd. It was the only constant in her military brat life besides always moving. She counted once and she moved nine times before she started high school. After graduating high school on a military base in Japan she got a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Texas State University. Now she lives in Austin, TX.

Rachel is on Twitter: @dramadork884

Dan (who plays Yardak) is a 28-year-old opinionated horror movie buff with a associate degree in social science. His interests range from arguing on the internet with strangers about pointless topics, to where to find the best burrito in town and what wine pairs best with it.

Dan is on Twitter: @BigGayChungus

Image of team member Brandon Brownson.

Brandon (who plays Brock Bollea aka Lazerhawk) is an entertainer from Michigan. They are a life-long obsessive nerd and, since 2008 has dabbled in hip-hop production, dance music production, vaporwave art, youtubing, merchandising, stand up comedy, professional wrestling, acting and now podcasting.

Brandon is on Twitter: @BrandonBrownson

Former Cast

Sama (who plays Maira Hasan) is a self-proclaimed “extreme enthusiast.” She’s seen her favorite film probably over 300 times. She can listen to a song she likes on repeat for weeks (longer in a foreign language, so she can memorize the words). She doesn’t know how many times she’s reread Harry Potter, but she’s one of the proudest Hufflepuffs around. She got her bachelor’s degree in IT from Florida International University and isn’t using it.

Sama is on Twitter: @spellboundsama