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  • Stream: Crisis Cadets

    In Canterbury UK, a group of high school seniors are summoned by an ancient power to help fight the evil magic that is appearing around their school.

  • Stream: After the Storm

    A new group of heroes awaken to help in 2062 following the events of "On A Distant Shore"

  • Ch. 66 – The Clash Club, Part 2

    The team sinks deeper into their cover ahead of the big fight. Vizual Aid gets to know the other recruits. Lazerhawk looks out for Hornet. Hyperact tries to uncover who management works for.

  • Ch. 65 – The Clash Club

    The heroes go undercover to infiltrate a secretive group on behalf of UNION.

  • Ch. 64 – On A Distant Shore, Part 6

    The group's miraculous survival still leaves them needing to stop a dismal future from coming to pass. Lazerhawk and Ruby support their friend as Yardak pushes Atlantis into a new age.

  • Ch. 63 – On A Distant Shore, Part 5

    Being captured by the enemy leads to a tense reunion with Yarkalen. Another familiar face appears that may turn the tide of the 2062 timeline.

  • Ch. 62 – On A Distant Shore, Part 4

    The heroes get only a moments rest after saving Crafter before diving into the heart of enemy territory

  • Ch. 61 – On A Distant Shore, Part 3

    The future goes more grim. Yardak confronts the soldier in the scarred helmet. Vizual Aid sets a trap for the Atlanteans. Lazerhawk makes a horrific discovery.

  • Ch. 60 – On A Distant Shore, Part 2

    The team finds another familiar face as they head into enemy territory. Brock learns some startling information. Yardak seeks to redeem Atlantis. Ruby feels a little in over her head.

  • The Vizual Van

    Take a look at the history and stats of Vizual Aid's handy vehicle!