History Has Its Eyes On You Recap

Its been seven months since Maira departed on her mission. A lot has happened since.

Ruby and Yardak, along with Dr. Sloan Matthews of U.N.I.O.N., attended a Space Cadet convention. While there, Ruby won a trivia contest about the show.

Ulric Ivanson contacted Ruby to ask her to visit U.N.I.O.N. Echo Base. While there Ulric lets her know that Dr. Lidia Alvarado has a prototype of a serum that helps him suppress his wolf form.

Yardak has also been spending his time trying to interrogate the local gangs to find the source of the super-drug Slampacks.

Detective Zoey Shepherd summons Yardak to Riverside City Police Precinct #1. Shepherd informs him that the mysterious Slampack dealer the group had wrangled previously with the Blue Cross Gang was found dead in his cell. The dealer’s two body guards were also stabbed in the jail and found dead. 

Ruby has finished up the Black Cat and has been preparing for the premiere. U.N.I.O.N. Agent Alan Rickard and Ruby have also been spending a lot of quality time together when the latter was able to make it back to Riverside.

Things aren’t all that calm underwater though. Atlantean king Yarkavan informs Yardak of likely impending insurgency by the rebel groups that could lead to war in Atlantis.

Yarkaven sends Yardak to the meet French Ambassador of the United Nations to establish relations. The meeting is successful and the French ambassador agrees to vote yes to bring Atlantis into the U.N.

In The Present

The king calls Yardak while he and Ruby are out at a food truck festival in the city. He congratulates him on his work with the French Ambassador. The french have allowed Atlantis to build an embassy and there will be a vote to allow them to have a voice on the general assembly.

Yarkalan then tasks Yardak and Ruby with gaining relations with the U.K. Ambassador, Raina Morris. Morris will be in Riverside for an opening of an astronomic wing of the local aviation museum. Ruby recognizes the name as a previous cast member of Space Cadet’s second series.

Ruby and Yardak meet Raina and her assistant Wilhelm Jensen at the Nathan Hale Hotel where she is hosting the grand opening ceremony. The duo have a good conversation with Raina about how things are going with the U.N. and what life is like in Atlantis. They each mention their worries about fighting below the waves and what it might potentially lead to on land.

One of the display planes at the museum falls from the ceiling! Yardak narrowly pushes Ruby out of the way and grabs Raina before they get crushed. Raina injures her arm but Yardak heals her right up.

After this accident the group decides to head to Raina’s hotel room for dinner and to continue talking. Before heading up, Raina demands a full inspection of all the displays before the next days events.

Daggers over dinner

They order out to a local steakhouse for dinner. When the waiter brings the dinner in the night takes a turn for the worse. During some dinner conversation about the future of Atlantis in the U.N., Raina takes a drink of her wine and can’t breathe and collapses on the table. 

Yardak is able to extract the poison from Raina and heal her. The waiter is revealed as the assassin and attempts to engage the heroes in a knife fight. Raina is hit with a dagger during the fray. Ruby eventually boxes up the assassin.

Wilhelm calls the police to report the attack while Yardak and Ruby take Raina back to Echo Base to keep her safe.

Upon arriving at the base, Wilhelm calls the group. Some undisclosed nastiness happens to our assailant inside the box and he appears to have died.