The Vizual Van

Once Ruby Lawson needed a way to haul her own equipment around for her senior film at the Fleming Film Institute of Riverside, she invested in a van. 

The budding filmmaker worked on a cute short film about a couple falling in love when they kept meeting at the park with their dogs. Till then she had relied on public transportation to get around Riverside City but getting that film equipment to the park was no joke. 

That was when she decided she needed a vehicle again. She found someone selling an old 2000 Okada Automotive van. It was big and annoying to get around the city but she had experience driving around big trucks growing up in Texas and she bought it on sight. 

The van proved to be very useful for her continuing film career and she would even rent it out on occasion to her fellow film students. The only one who never took her up on her offer was her rival Becket Smith  because he “hated driving anything that still uses gas”. Interestingly his Tesla caught fire shortly after graduation.

What Ruby had never imagined was how useful her van would be for her growing superhero persona. It was so much easier to get around town to save the day in the van. Public transportation is great but when you are part of the group trying to get to where a disaster is happening when everyone else is trying to get away it is not the most reliable.  

Around the time that Ruby took on the moniker of Vizual Aid she started working on the van to help it fit better in with her double life. She had added secret compartments where she could store any superhero gear out of sight. With the help of Frank Dunlap from UNION, she also added a roll-cage and bulletproof windows. These could prove useful in the events of shootouts, flips, or attempts to crush the vehicle. It would seem Ruby’s life had changed more than she had expected since she graduated. 

These days just like Ruby herself the van has two lives. One as the car for a 20 something up and coming filmmaker and her friends jamming out to tunes. And the other as soon as Vizual Aid puts her signal on it and the transportation to some of Riverside City’s best superheroes! Although they still have tunes of course.

The Vizual Van

Power 1Power 2Features
Bulletproof Windows: Protection 5, limited to ballistics (3ep)Rollcage: Feature, Second Chance Advantage: damage from crashes, rolls, crushing (1ep)1. Alarm (1ep)
2. Hidden Compartments (1ep)