Mayhemcast Schedule March 2024

Streams, Episodes, Articles, and Ko-Fi releases for March 2024!

Updated March 2024 calendar of events featuring color coded days representing different events and uploads version 3

March 4: Tales from the Mayhemverse: Highwind Rumble streamed on Twitch/YouTube/Facebook

March 8: Released Agent Alan Rickard Spotify Playlist on Ko-Fi for paid subscribers

March 18: Released Chapter 79 – The Midnight Wars, Part 4

March 22: Released Chapter 79 GM notes on Ko-Fi for paid subscribers

March 28: Birthday of Sama (who played Maira Hasan aka Hyperact and Helen Robinson on Horrorween III: The Sleep Stalker)

March 29: Release article for The Dogfighter’s backstory and character sheet Delayed until April 26