Stream: Highwind Rumble

It’s all out war in Highwind City as Doctor Haze and Storm Fury stumbled upon Machinist’s Daughter, Sapphire Shadow, and Tatitude!

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RC – Game Master – @rcbeiler on Threads

Claude – Jake Bradley aka Doctor Haze  – @curlyinsaneguy_ on Threads

MotherOfKarp – Maizey Hayes aka Storm Fury – @MotherOfKarp on Instagram

Jo – J.J. Townson aka Tatitude  – @littlestargirl on Instagram

Quin – Dr. Gracie Madnugs aka The Machinist’s Daughter – @CtrlAltQuin

Goldi – Annika Petrov-Dupree aka Sapphire Shadow –   @TheQueenGoldi on Tiktok

Social Media Management – Rachel – @Dramadork884 on Linktree

Music by Pope Brandon Brownson