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  • Retcon Report – Season 2

    We looks back over the entirety of Season 2 from Chapter 41 (An Old Familiar Sting) all the way to Chapter 71 (The Great Enveloping Cosmic Dark).

  • Metaverse Discussion #1

    A little recap of the past 19 chapters, plus some listener questions! We go into the nitty gritty details of the Mayhemcast universe and a bit about what it takes to make the show.

  • Chapter 0: Formation

    The team sets the stage for the world of Masks and Mayhem. Characters, setting, and backstories all get a little highlight in this introduction episode.

  • Welcome to the Mayhemcast

    This is such an exciting time. We’ve been working on this show for the better part of the past year. From learning game mechanics, to developing characters, playing, recording, editing… […]