Welcome to the Mayhemcast

This is such an exciting time.

We’ve been working on this show for the better part of the past year. From learning game mechanics, to developing characters, playing, recording, editing… editing again. It’s been a wild ride.

It’s also been fun to introduce the team to the game and a little scary to open up the world I created. The one that we are now creating together. Not to mention the other people who supported us along the way in this endeavor.

So I’m proud to present both our Introductions chapter and our Pilot chapter to the world.

Love it? Hate it? Let us know by talking about the show using #Mayhemcast. Listeners who do so may even see an NPC named after them in a future chapter!

We’ll be releasing every new episodes every two weeks, so check back on Oct. 22 for Chapter 2: In the Pale Moonlight. As we get added to additional podcast directories, we’ll be sure to list them on our Subscribe page.