Redacted Rangers – Operation: Jubilee

When madness takes over a theme park, the government sends in expendable assets from Big Iron Prison to evacuate a VIP.

Masks and Mayhem uses Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition by Green Ronin Publishing. Get 5% off with code Mayhemcast at the Green Ronin Store

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Brandon – Gamemaster – @brandonbrownson

Dan – Trevor Bennet aka Equinox – @BigGayChungus

Alex – Beowulf Odinson – Untold Stories Project

Goldi – Annika Petrov-Dupree aka Sapphire Shadow – Linktree

Jo – J.J. Townson aka Tatitude – Untold Stories Project

Official logo art by Jenn Evans, branding by AJ Eisen

Our theme music is by Pope Brandon Brownson

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