Mayhemcast Schedule June 2024

Hope ya’ll are excited for this month! It’s lighter on content because RC is going to be prepping Mutants and Masterminds games to run at Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio from June 19 – 23. All of his games are sold out but he’s running:

Redacted Rangers: Assault on Wondertainment World – “The conscripted villains of the Redacted Rangers are called in to rescue a VIP when fantasy monsters start to attack a theme park.” [RC’s take on Redacted Rangers – OPERATION: Jubilee]

Titan City Chronicles: Brass Templar – “Titan City 1926, TCPD’s special monster division, the Brass Templars, must discover the connection between a spree of monster attacks throughout the city.”

Get the Horns – “Its up to the heroes of Highwind City to protect the citizens when genetically modified barnyard animals take a famers market hostage.”

Haunted? Always Has Been – The heroes of UNION Alpha Squad are called in to investigate when contact is lost with a secret moon base.

USP Presents: Shadow War – A big 30+ player “crossover” event featuring the characters of the Untold Stories Project! RC will be one of the 6 GMs at the event.

June 2024 calendar of events featuring color coded days representing different events and uploads version 2

June 10: Released The Retcon Report: Season 3, Part 1

June 12: Stream “Redacted Rangers: The Devil’s Playthings” on Twitch/YouTube/Facebook

June 14: Release History of Dr. Sloan Matthews article

June 24: Release Extended Play – Avatar Legends