Author: R.C.

  • Chapter 10: Step Up, Part 2 (The Streets)

    Ruby deals with an emergency. The team adapts to working on their own.

  • Chapter 9: Step Up

    The good guys never get a night off. Ruby learns about her neighborhood. Yardak and Maira adapt to some big changes.

  • Chapter 8: New Year, New-a Mi!

    Life takes an unexpected turn to the weird for our heroes when a stranger from a far off land appears. What a truly odd way to ring in the new year!

  • Chapter 7: Drowning Lessons

    An old friend visits Yardak. Maira takes the next step in her training. Ruby has a conflict that can no longer be avoided. Time for everyone to take the next step.

  • Chapter 6: Life of the Party, Part 3

    The stakes are raised even higher. Yardak and Bullard fight to escape from Hughes' clutches. Maira and Ruby try to capture the uncontainable. Not everyone will make it out unscathed.

  • Chapter 5: Life of the Party, Part 2

    Everything hits the fan. Yardak and Bullard plot an escape. Maira and Ruby race against time to figure out how to fight a Wraith.

  • Chapter 4: Life of the Party

    Everyone does their own thing. Yardak goes undercover. Gemini mentors Maira. Ruby confronts her filmmaking rival.

  • Deadpool - Pansexual Mutant MercenaryDeadpool - Pansexual Mutant Mercenary

    Not-So-Hetero Heroes

    A growing number of comic book heroes and villains are part of the LGBT community. Some fans are happy to see aspects of themselves reflected in this change.

  • Chapter 3: In The Pale Moonlight, Part 2

    Following the chaos at the concert, the group checks in on their friends. Ruby gets to know Rickard. Maira finds someone to look up to. Yardak challenges Director Bullard.

  • Chapter 2: In The Pale Moonlight

    The trio goes out for a simple dinner when all hell breaks loose. Ruby grows suspicious of Dr. Alvarado. Yardak starts using his reputation. Maira begins to see the cost of being a hero.