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  • Chapter 8: New Year, New-a Mi!

    Life takes an unexpected turn to the weird for our heroes when a stranger from a far off land appears. What a truly odd way to ring in the new year!

  • Chapter 7: Drowning Lessons

    An old friend visits Yardak. Maira takes the next step in her training. Ruby has a conflict that can no longer be avoided. Time for everyone to take the next step.

  • Chapter 6: Life of the Party, Part 3

    The stakes are raised even higher. Yardak and Bullard fight to escape from Hughes' clutches. Maira and Ruby try to capture the uncontainable. Not everyone will make it out unscathed.

  • Chapter 5: Life of the Party, Part 2

    Everything hits the fan. Yardak and Bullard plot an escape. Maira and Ruby race against time to figure out how to fight a Wraith.

  • Chapter 4: Life of the Party

    Everyone does their own thing. Yardak goes undercover. Gemini mentors Maira. Ruby confronts her filmmaking rival.

  • Deadpool - Pansexual Mutant MercenaryDeadpool - Pansexual Mutant Mercenary

    Not-So-Hetero Heroes

    A growing number of comic book heroes and villains are part of the LGBT community. Some fans are happy to see aspects of themselves reflected in this change.

  • Chapter 3: In The Pale Moonlight, Part 2

    Following the chaos at the concert, the group checks in on their friends. Ruby gets to know Rickard. Maira finds someone to look up to. Yardak challenges Director Bullard.

  • Chapter 2: In The Pale Moonlight

    The trio goes out for a simple dinner when all hell breaks loose. Ruby grows suspicious of Dr. Alvarado. Yardak starts using his reputation. Maira begins to see the cost of being a hero.

  • Chapter 1: Opportunity Costs

    One thief is going to test Riverside City's newest group of heroes. Maira looks out for her brother. Ruby answers the call. Yardak defends what's most important to him.

  • Chapter 0: Formation

    The team sets the stage for the world of Masks and Mayhem. Characters, setting, and backstories all get a little highlight in this introduction episode.